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    • +Is there a license end date for using CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition?

    • Yes, the license you receive has a license end date. However, as soon as the license ends you can install the newest version of CST STUDIO SUITE® Student Edition and receive a new license file. The license end date is individual and normally ends in June or July of the upcoming year.

      +Can I install CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition parallel to my full version?

    • No, this is technically not possible. Therefore a parallel installation is prohibited.

      +I have installed CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition. How do I receive a license?

    • First you have to register on our website with a valid email address. As soon as the registration process is successful, you can enter this email address into the licensing dialog. Please note that you need an internet connection for that step. The license should download automatically. If any problems occur, please check your firewall settings.

      +Can I install CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition on more than one computer?

    • The CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition should only be installed on one computer. If you need to use it on a second computer, please delete the installation on the first computer. You will need to activate the MAC Address of the new computer again via email.

      +Can another user receive a license with my email address?

    • We will inform you as soon as a second MAC ID requests a license file. To avoid misuse, you have to confirm that you want to add this additional MAC ID to your account.

      +During installation I get an error message saying “It seems that a different edition (student or commercial) of the CST STUDIO SUITE is already available in: Path: …. “. However, I have uninstalled previous versions.

    • Please uninstall any old versions of the software and delete the entire CST installation folder (if this is still present after uninstalling) and then reinstall CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition.

      +Am I allowed to publish results from CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition in a scientific paper?

    • Yes, as described in our terms of use, this is allowed. If the limitations of the Student Edition are too restrictive for publication purposes, please contact our sales team who can provide you with an academic license that will suit your needs.

      +Tet-Mesh: Why is the Tet-Mesh limit not 10 000 as explained in the CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition limitations?

    • We decided to allow the use of 10 000 tetrahedral mesh cells with a second order method. Changing the order of the base functions will change the allowed number of mesh cells accordingly.

      +Can I open CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition files in the full version and vice versa?

    • No. There is no direct link between the full version and the CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition. You cannot open files of the full version in the CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition and vice versa.

      +When I run the examples on your website, my results are slightly different from yours. Why?

    • It is most likely due to the fact that you used a version of the software which is different from the one in which the file was created. Due to the fact that we continually improve our software, there may be small differences in the results.

      +I would like to simulate one of the examples which came with the software, but I get an error message saying that some features are not supported. Can I still use the example?

    • If the problem is due to an unsupported solver type, you may try changing to a supported solver. If the problem is due to mesh restrictions, then you may try to change the mesh so it fits within the restrictions. PLEASE NOTE: ANY COARSENING OF THE MESH, OR USING A SOLVER DIFFERENT FROM THE RECOMMENDED MAY RESULT IN INACCURATE RESULTS.

      +Which Operating Systems are supported?

    • The CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition supports Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Desktop Systems.

      +What are the hardware requirements?

    • We recommend using a computer with Intel CPUs of the latest generation (e.g., Core i5, Core i7) and at least 2-4 GB RAM for a smooth working experience. The graphics chip must be OpenGL compatible.

      +I just started using CAE software. Will I be able to use and understand CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition?

    • Yes, you will. We offer many examples from commonly used textbooks, while you will find many workflow examples in the help pages within the software.

      +There are some pre-installed examples that come with the CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition. Are they solveable in the CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition?

    • No, some examples provided within the software package exceed the limitations of the Student Edition. Nevertheless, you can open them and view the workflows and results. In many cases you will be able to solve these problems by reducing the mesh resolution.

      +I try to duplicate analytical results from my textbooks but I get slightly different results. Why?

    • When the number of meshcells is increased, the results will converge to the analytical soultion. Due to the restrictions of the Student Edition it may not be possible to reach convergence. To ensure a correct solution for more digits in most examples a finer mesh would be necessary.

      +Where do I find additional information on how to use the CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition?

    • There is a lot of material available in the help section of the program (press F1 while you are using it). Furthermore, we have added additional examples to our webpage – please have a look.

      +The online help does not work properly.

    • The online help is built for Internet Explorer and Firefox. If your browser does not support the online help properly, please use one of these browsers.

      +When opening the CST Student Edition for the first time, the software asks for my username and password. I only have a registered email address, what should I do?

    • Usually when the software asks for a username and password, there is a problem relating to the way in which you are connected to the internet. You will need to contact us and send us the following information:
      • We need the output of the command “ipconfig /all”, which you should do from a within the Windows Command Prompt. To get to the Windows Command Prompt, press on the Windows Start button and enter the word “cmd” into the search window. Once you are inside the Windows Command Prompt, then type the above command. Please send us a screenshot of the output.
      • While inside the Windows Command Prompt, go to installation directory of CST STUDIO SUITE, and navigate to the License Manager subdirectory. When inside this directory, execute the following command: “lmutil lmhostid” (do this, without the apostrophes). Please send us a screenshot of the output.

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