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CST – Computer Simulation Technology

What's being said about CST products

"Alpha Networks wireless BU use CST PCB STUDIO for the simulation of our printed circuit boards and CST MWS for antenna simulation. The easy-to-use Signal- and Power-Integrity-analysis workflows of CST PCB STUDIO help the optimization of DDR3 channel design on multilayer boards, as well as shorten our development cycles and reduce costs. "
Paul Yang, WBU HW Director
Alpha Networks Inc.
"CST MWS is used for most of the electromagnetic simulations at NPL. It was selected on the basis of accuracy for a series of benchmark problems. It is also very user friendly"
Benjamin Loader, NPL
"Intelligent Solutions BVBA is a High-Speed-Digital and RF Design-House focused on aerospace and military products: we strive to meet the sacred goal of "Making it Working from the First-Revision of the PCB-Design". We MUST depend on accurate and reliable EDA tools to reach that milestone for such zero-tolerance Products. Going to a second revision of the  design is a killer to our business, therefore, we developed a solid like a rock design process using CST PCBS and CST MWS to cover all aspects of the design without leaving any margin on the table (We GAINED the confidence of our clients when they correlated our CST PCBS S-parameter modeling with VNA measurements): We need to cover all possible HVM tolerances of the PCB along with PVT variations of the silicon and develop design-guidelines that are feasible to route and also sustain the harsh Aerospace and Military environment. We must assure that our high-speed-digital channels (DDR3/DDR4/LPDDR2/LPDDR4 memory channels, Ethernet 40G & 10GBASE-KR, PCIE-gen3/4, USB3, SATA, HDMI, GMSL, ..etc.)  have good margins without over-designing it by smart optimization of cost, performance and power consumption. We c2ould only develop such smart processes and workflows using CST PCBS and CST MWS giving us the confidence every time we artwork the design to fit the sacred equation of cost, performance and power consumption: Thanks to CST for giving us these powerful tools."
Hany Fahmy, CEO Intelligent Solutions BVBA
Intelligent Solutions BVBA
"I have been very satisfied with the level of service CST has provided. I get more support now than I have ever had for any software or product. The fact that I can call tech support and speak with someone I already have a good working relationship with is invaluable. I have had some challenges with getting going with CST and the response has been more than satisfactory. I don’t expect a product to always work perfectly, in my view a company makes their bread in how they respond to hiccups and problems. CST has done a great job in addressing my specific challenges and continues to do so. Thanks for everything!"
Morgan Roddy, M.S., Field Applications and RF Design Engineer
Test Equipment Plus, Inc.
"I hope you permit me 30 seconds to remark that I feel CST MWS is truly an amazing product. We are making good use of it here in Boeing daily. Thank you for creating such a great tool – it has much value to us here at Boeing."
Ronald O. Lavin
"We knew that we had made a game changing investment in numerical simulation when the S parameters and 3D antenna patterns from the spherical near field range facility matched the predicted results from CST Microwave studio for our antenna development projects. We find that using both the T and F solvers adds just one more level of confidence in the predicted results."
Richard Smith, large networking company
"I have been using CST Microwave Studio to develop essential components used in our manpack portable satellite terminals. As an everyday user, I am very impressed by the capabilities of its user interface and the accuracy of the simulation solvers. Every design generated with CST has proven to provide excellent agreement with the final manufactured product. In addition, the technical support team at CST has been outstanding, their expertise and recommendations have helped save time and delivered better designs."
Sergio Melais, Electrical Engineer
Tampa Microwave
"Dockon specializes in compound planar antennas that excite both the TE and TM modes which we have found difficult to accurately simulate in the past. However, after researching the simulation products on the market today, we found that Microwave Studio was the only product that could accurately simulate our patent pending CPL antenna designs. We can now stay in simulation longer for better optimization and see the same results when we move to prototyping. We have reduced our design cycle time and the number of physical prototypes required immensely. Using the programmatic interfaces provided in Microwave Studio, Dockon has developed a highly automated process to build and simulate custom antenna design models. With the programmatic design methodology software we have developed, Dockon system engineers are able to directly input custom design specifications into our software and using Microwave Studio in the background, Dockon can provide customer feedback in days or even hours in some instances. In a very short period of time, Dockon clients can know what performance characteristics they should expect from a custom CPL antenna design. All of Dockon's efforts with Microwave Studio would not have been possible without the expert support of CST and their team of experts. It has been a great partnership from the early days of our evaluation and continues today as Dockon further refines our design methodologies to provide our customers with better and faster support."
Patrick Johnston, CEO DockOn, Inc.
"Yes, the workshop was indeed very good. Several items that were presented were very useful and will have immediate impact on the work I am doing. Also the chance to chat with you was very useful too. Thanks. I like the new import from Cadence MCM (SiP) file presented in the workshop. That is definitely useful and I already used it. I am extremely pleased that I attended the workshop."
Predrag Acimovic, Technical Adviser Mixed Signal
PMC-Sierra Inc
"Protecting a mobile Radar unit from lightning strike is a very demanding task. CST MWS, in particular its time domain simulation capabilities, helped us to understand the impact of various parameters on the specification of an LPS before running expensive, time-consuming tests."
Americo Dominicis, Selex-SI
"CST has earned my business. The product is great, support is even better. I love doing modeling with MWS...wish my job allowed me to do it 100% of my time."
Al Wallash, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
"...Thank you also for inviting me for this great opportunity. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the amazing features of CST, definitely a very powerful tool. I even recommended our antenna vendors, who supply to Dell, to use CST."
Sripathi Yarasi, Dell Computer, on the 6th North American UGM
"Thanks for looking in on us and having your support people call to help resolve my problem. This level of support is consistent with what I've come to expect from CST and very much appreciated. It confirms that my choice of CST over the competition was correct. I enjoy using your software very much and always find it very useful in my designs."
Tamir Moran, National Instruments
"I have had a relationship with CST America since October 1999. It is utterly amazing how far the company and staff have come"
Jim Reed, Optimal Designs, Inc.
"The tool is very applicable to the design of antennas and high frequency circuitry."
Jennifer Bernhard, Associate Professor, current president of IEEE A&P Society, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"The development of a high performance antenna such as this within a practical time frame is impossible without fast and accurate computation tools such as CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®."
Prof PW vd Walt, Head of microwave R&D, Universiteit Stellenbosch
"I thought you might be interested in the results I have obtained recently (yesterday!). The S11 response for a new antenna are shown. It is quite an intricate design. I am very pleased with the predictions of the CST modelling, I don't think you could wish for better considering all the circumstances of the design and measurement."
Dr. Shaun Hamilton, Supervising RF Engineer, CEA Technologies Pty. Ltd.
"Your GUI is what sells the product as far as I'm concerned. In our many antenna designs, we have obtained very good correlation between simulated and measured antenna performance in our semi-anechoic chamber over the frequency range of 250-2500 MHz."
Mark Wolski, LS Research
"It has been the easiest electromagnetics software package for me to learn."
Kristina Haines, Graduate Student, Pennsylvania State University
"I use the virtual TDR function in MWS as the standard method for developing all of my high-performance broadband interconnects for electronic packages. TDR simulations are simply the best way to do this in my mind. I recently presented a paper at IMAPS 2008 in San Jose describing an connector/package design having high performance from 0 to 30GHz, which compared to previous attempts achieving perhaps at the most 22 GHz of bandwidth. This interconnect was designed using TDR and the MWS optimizer"
Dr. Jerry Aguirre, Kyocera America, Inc.
"… we were using CST2006, with one processor. A particular model took 71 minutes to run. Using CST2008, with nothing else changed the run time dropped to 43 minutes. Using CST2008 with the new license for dual processer option (same computer as before, both processors the same) the run time dropped to 23 minutes, 1/3 the original time. Obviously we are delighted. Thanks to the CST team."
Mr. James Browne, Stella Doradus Industries Ltd
"… the number and versatility of features in the gui for constructing the forward model strikes me as an order of magnitude above other FDTD systems I have tried."
Dr. Xander Twombly, RIACS Staff Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center, U.S.A.
"Considering how complex the RFQ geometry is and how much details in the model, the MWS simulation results agreed very well with the measurement. It is better than any three-dimensional codes we have used before. We believe that it is possible to skip cold-test model which we have done for all previous RFQs, and go directly for future RFQ fabrications based on the MWS designs." Proceedings of LINAC 2006, Knoxville, Tennessee USA, p.580-582, "DETAILED MODELING OF THE SNS RFQ STRUCTURE WITH CST MICROWAVE STUDIO"
Derun Li, John W. Staples, Steve P. Virostek, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, U.S.A.
"Everything is going well with our use of CST, and your support is much appreciated. In fact, such prompt support is a major reason that WD will continue to utilize CST in the future (in addition to its technical advantages)."
William Huber, Western Digital Corporation
"CST has been working out great, I am really impressed. We have been working with these resonator structures and had been having a horrible time trying to get realistic results. Yesterday I performed the simulation with CST Design Environment 2006, using a parameter sweep to optimize the structure, and the results looked great. So as a challenge I fabbed the board, and it was nearly identical to the CST sims. I hope to get out at least one paper by the end of summer, where I can show how well CST has worked for us."
Mark McGrath, U.C. Davis
"I have used a number of EM simulation/solver packages, and without question, CST's Microwave Studio has become my first choice when modeling a new 3D complex antenna problem. Microwave Studio's FIT solver is extremely fast and very reliable. The graphical user interface and model creation tools are easy to use. In most cases, I am able to construct the 3D antenna model using the built-in shape creation tools and start the first simulation within an hour. Typically, when comparing simulation results to prototype measured data, there is excellent agreement on the first iteration, giving a high degree of confidence in design by simulation. Microwave Studio has proven itself on a number of problems, including complex 3D electrically small wire geometries, compact wideband communication antennas, analysis of antennas surrounded by complex materials, antenna elements in close proximity to electromagnetic bandgap ground planes and numerous other antenna configurations. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone interested in 3D modeling of general antenna systems."
Dr. Steven R. Best, AFRL/SNHA
"CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® provides the fastest most user friendly most accurate rigorous full wave electromagnetic simulation that I have ever experienced. The product service pack upgrades are relatively frequent and always provide important functional improvements to the code. I find CST MWS invaluable in my business and I have used it continuously since 2001. When I have problems, the applications engineers provide timely knowledgeable and accurate technical support. I often need to analyze ultra broad band antennas, phased arrays, curved radomes and microstrip/stripline/waveguide RF components. For these applications, The Time Domain Solver is extremely fast and very accurate when compared with measured data and other accurate solvers. I believe that it is the very best in the world. For design and analysis of electronic scanning phased arrays, meanderline polarizers, frequency selective surfaces, the Floquet mode Solver in the Frequency Domain Solver often provides fast accurate answers. CST is continuing to improve and upgrade this solver."
Mike Maybell, Antenna/Microwave Design Engineer, President, Planet Earth Communications LLC
"A Trivec Avant blade monopole antenna was modeled using the CAD system in CST MWS and monitors were set up to obtain gain patterns from 950 - 1220 MHz. Since this particular antenna is several wavelengths in this band (i.e. too long), the radiation patterns have several lobes. With slightly over one million mesh cells, the calculated radiation patterns were extremely accurate when compared to data measured on our antenna range… Trivec Avant Corporation would like to thank CST for providing such an excellent tool which saves countless hours of time and labor."
John Fenick, Electrical Engineer, Trivec Avant Corporation
"By the way, for as much as I complain at times, I am an extremely happy user of your software, and I commend you and your team for the tremendous job that you have done. My company is small and MWS is a significant investment. It has proven to be a worthwhile investment and continues to amaze me. It has allowed us to optimize some new interconnect designs out to 35 GHz, and has shown extremely high correlation to our measurements. Your software has given me a definite edge over other consultants and many large corporations."
Scott McMorrow, Teraspeed Consulting
"When the MWS simulation and the measurements are more than 5dB off, I tell my students to measure again!"
Dr Xiaodong Chen, Dept of Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary, University of London
"Having used XXXX extensively during my undergraduate and Masters degree, it was a shock to learn about CST's Microwave Studio upon graduation. There are alternatives to XXXX? What?! I no longer needed to suffer through a clunky UI, I didn't need to hope my discrete frequency sweep wasn't missing a high-Q resonance, and the history feature and smooth parameterization made model revisions truly enjoyable. I find it difficult to use XXXX now; indeed, my coworker complains that I hog the MWS license (while XXXX goes unused)."
William Sitch, Centellax
"In attachment, the paper I presented at the 30th EPS Conference on Contolled Fusion and Plasma Physics (St Petersburg, 7-11 July). Included is a recent comparison (a few days before the conference…) between simulations and old measurements on the existing JET antenna. The agreement looks like another success story for MWS…"
Philippe Lamalle, Laboratory for Plasma Physics, Association EURATOM, Belgian State
"We, very recently, performed rather extensive evaluations of three of the most advanced commercial codes… We have come to the conclusion that of those we evaluated, CST MWS 4.2 really stands out in front, especially for cases where a very high aspect ratio (ratio of largest to smallest cell-size) will be required and in situations where it is important to include the effects of tuning and matching circuits, coil losses, slotted HF shields, radiation, real samples, and coil asymmetries..."
F. David Doty, Ph.D., President, Doty Scientific, Inc
"CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® is a remarkable design tool […] CST has increased our first time prototyping success greatly […] the CST support team is fantastic"
Atlantic Microwave
"…Once again my complements to Microwave studio. The software is very easy to use and supplies reliably correct results. Complement. …Nochmals ein Kompliment zu Microwave Studio. Die Software ist sehr gut zu bedienen und liefert zuverlässig richtige Ergebnisse. Kompliment."
Tony Blaettler, Mirad AG
"… thanks for the quick attention … CST number one in customer service!"
Shawn Staker, Sirius Radio/MIT
"Attached are the results of some simulation and measurements that I think you might find interesting […] The correlation to measurements is pretty stunning and has helped me to optimize the structure and increase the bandwidth significantly […] the results are quite fantastic."
Scott McMorrow, Teraspeed Consulting
"CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® saves countless hours of bread boarding and radiation pattern measurement, as well as other key performance measurements. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product."
John Fenick, Trivec Avant Antenna Systems
"CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® is redefining the way we work. Never before had we anticipated having such flexibility at our fingertips from a 3D EM simulation package. The software adapts to a large array of problems and scenarios. Both resonating and non-resonating structures can be analyzed and optimized by using one of the 2 Solver Modules available, namely the Eigenmode and the Time Domain Solvers. The flawless layout of the GUI interface enables the users to have access to the design, parameterization, optimization and analysis tools in a mouse click. Structures of all sizes and shapes can be simulated quickly with CST’s implementation of the Perfect Boundary Approximation (PBA). Large electrical structures that we were previously unable to analyze electro-magnetically, were simulated successfully and in a very reasonable amount of time with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®. The addition of complex healing filters to the import of CAD data into the platform has also saved the company precious time and resources. Often, the structures investigated with this type of platform represent only a small part of a system. Therefore, the ability to export an equivalent SPICE model of their behavior is a powerful option when it comes to optimizing the entire system. The interactive interface to the structure parameterization lets the user make modifications to the design without having to start a new one. This is an incredible feature that has made the quick optimization of designs a winning recipe. The simulation results are analyzed in a wide variety of formats. Plots are created from within the same GUI the structure lies in. Animations of field distribution are generated with great ease. A large diversity of Macros is available which lets one export plots, images and animations, as well as automates an ample range of tasks. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® has turned out to be the most versatile and powerful 3D EM simulation tool we have ever used. Furthermore, an extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff backs up this package."
Frederic Lecuyer, RF Antenna Design Engineer, Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.
"I've been using your Microwave Studio for about three weeks, and have found it to be the best electromagnetic simulation package I have come across. The parameter and optimisation systems have saved me so much time that I'm looking for more things to do!"
Mike Tonge, Broadcast Antenna Engineer, Alan Dick & Co Ltd.
"Overall, we are extremely impressed with MWS. It is clearly the best package I have come across; the transient solver + mesh generator appear to be the most efficient I've used and the visualisation tools are excellent. Also, the high quality support you have provided by email, in helping meet our requirements is very impressive."
Bryan Cole, Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.
"I was quite impressed with the sophisticated geometry tools available in MWS which allowed the construction of complex structures with ease. In my opinion this is a significant advancement over the way earlier geometry tools function. Basing the GUI in a PC Windows environment allowed me to use the tool much faster than would have been possible otherwise. I was also quite pleased with how well the PBA performed which permitted us to model some geometry's that would have been very difficult without this feature. In the period of the demo we were able to model several cases which provided results in good agreement with experimental data. Finally, as always the support staff was knowledgeable and courteous, which combined with the capabilities of MWS make this a great tool for a wide variety of EM problems."
Bob Greegor, The Boeing Company
"… First of all I would, once again, like to say that the test period has not only been great fun, but also that the program's performance has impressed me enormously..... Your program "Microwave Studio" allows the design and calculation of structures in a very user-friendly manner. In this way it is accessible to every HF/RF design engineer. The whole team here was particularly impressed by the options for the visualisation of results, and I strongly believe that the program has great value for use in further education […] I am convinced that a 3D simulator is an ideal supplement to conventional circuit simulators whose possibilities it substantially extends […] Therefore, thank you for the test version and also for the excellent support. … Als erstes möchte ich nochmals betonen, dass mir die Testphase nicht nur äusserst viel Spass bereitet hat, sondern dass mich dieses Programm auch sehr beindruckte von seiner Leistungsfähigkeit […] Ihr Programm "Microwave Studio" erlaubt es Strukturen zu designen und zu berechnen auf sehr benutzerfreundliche Weise. In diesem Sinne ist es jedem HF/RF-Entwicklungsingenieur zugängig. Das ganze Team hier war besonders begeistert von den möglichen Visualisierungsarten der Resultate und ich zolle dem Programm einen hohen Ausbildungswert […] Ich bin überzeugt, dass ein 3D-Simulator eine ideale Ergänzung zu herkömmlichen Schaltungssimulatoren ist und die Möglichkeiten massiv erweitert […] In diesem Sinne danke ich Ihnen für die Testversion und ebenfalls besten Dank für den exzellenten Support."
Ivo Germann, RF Design Engineer R&D, Motorola (Switzerland) AG
"Thank you again for all. As we discover more and more each day with Microwave Studio, we realize the amazing possibility of this unique software. Best regards from Freiburg."
Alexandre Bessemoulin, Fraunhofer Institute
"We are working a lot with CST, and have successfully developed many designs. The most important design concerns a new class of UHF DVB filters, generalized couplings. The results have been excellent, and we can say it would have been impossible to design such a complex device without a 3d simulator… A new power hybrid coupler (10kW UHF) has been designed without any tuning points, thanks to the ability to precisely tune the design by the simulation. The efficiency of CST MWS is highest for wideband structures, we could solve our design hundreds of times to improve it […] The actual device performs exactly as the simulation."
Daniele Valenti, Comtech srl, Italy
"We also made other studies with MWS and for the moment it demonstrates itself to be an efficient tool which saves us time in our projects. Abbiamo fatto anche altri studi con MWS e per ora si sta dimostrando uno strumento validissimo che ci fa risparmiare molto tempo per i nostri progetti."
Dr. Massimo Fumagalli, R&D Engineer, Forem
"After testing many of the 3D EM simulators available on the market, MWS was revealed to be the best one, providing us with simulation results very similar to the measurements taken from our antenna. Dopo aver valutato diversi simulatori elettromagnetici 3D disponibili sul mercato, CST MWS si è dimostrato quello migliore. I diagrammi d'antenna e l'andamento di S11 che abbiamo ottenuto con CST MWS sono decisamente somiglianti a quanto ottenuto con le prove sperimentali."
Dr. Angelo Brustia, Technical Manager, Telecommunicazioni ALDENA
"… I have increased the accuracy (60dB) and also increased the number of frequency samples in order to get the slow wave resonance. I can tell you […] it is really amazing how accurate CST is […] it has matched our corrugated horn bench tests perfectly! By the way, I set a 2D monitor and it is very nice to see the slow waves "tied" to the corrugated wall, as well as the HE11 mode that remains at the center of the waveguide […] (I knew that this happens […] but, until now, I hadn’t been able to see it…) Thanks again for your support and congratulations to CST!"
Emilio Abud, Technology Director, BrasilSat Harald SA
"Design Studio is a must have for today’s electrical design engineer. Its interface with Microwave Studio is flawless and compliments it very well. A large diversity of waveguide structures is easily realized by defining a few parameters. In addition, the powerful Graphical User Interface allows S-parameter models to be effortlessly assembled, simulated and optimized with other passive structures."
Frederic Lecuyer, RF Antenna Design Engineer, Radio Frequency Systems, Inc
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