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CST – Computer Simulation Technology

6th European User Group Meeting Technical Sessions

Session 1 - Welcome and Keynote

  1. Welcome and Organisation
    Bernhard Wagner, Martin Timm, CST
  2. Design of innovative mm-wave imaging systems
    Christian Evers, Rohde & Schwarz

Session 2 - New Technologies by CST

    Irina Munteanu, CST
  2. CST Simulation Acceleration - HPC update
    Felix Wolfheimer, CST
  3. A new approach of modelling in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Ulrich Becker, CST

Session 3.1 - Antennas I

  1. Antenna Simulation Overview
    Marc Rütschlin, CST
  2. A full-wave analysis of high gain radial line slot antennas using CST STUDIO SUITE
    Simone Ledda, Università di Firenze
  3. Design of Ka-Band Feed Chains
    Un Pyo Hong, EADS Astrium
  4. Antenna system optimization in CST STUDIO SUITE 2011
    Jens Eberhard, CST

Session 3.2 - EDA

  1. CST STUDIO SUITE EM Plug-In for Cadence/CST integrated workflow
    Martin Biehl, Cadence
  2. Power Integrity Analysis of a 6 layer board
    Joachim Held, Siemens
  3. Enhancements in CST PCBS for SI & PI, and layout export for 3D analysis with CST MWS
    Matthias Tröscher, CST
  4. Influence of Via Length on Signal integrity
    Manfred Maurer, Siemens

Session 3.3 - MRI

  1. Bio-electromagnetic Simulations for Medical devices
    Tilmann Wittig, CST
  2. How to Design, Mesh and Simulate a 16-channel Head Coil for 7 Tesla Whole Body MRI-System in CST MWS
    Tim Herrmann, OVGM
  3. Tailored RF Coil Design and EMF Simulations for Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Andreas Gräßl, Max-Delbrueck-Center Berlin
  4. A 8-channel Transmit Coil for Parallel Imaging at 7T/298MHz
    Michel Luong, CEA-Saclay

Session 4.1 - Antennas II

  1. Wideband Printed Antenna Optimisation
    Matthias John, Dublin Institute of Technology
  2. An Ultrawide Band coaxially fed monopole antenna integrated into an Universal Serial Bus device
    Nuno Pires, Technical University of Lisbon
  3. Design and simulation of a TEM sensor for electric field impulse measurements
    Nicolas Mora, EPFL
  4. Antenna Magus
    Marli Strydom, CST

Session 4.2 - PCB/EMC

  1. Standard and Expert Tools in the industrial EDA/EMC design flow
    Dirk Müller, FlowCAD
  2. Determination of the receiving characteristics of near-field probes by simulation of the fields in transmitting mode
    Matthias Spang, Universität Erlangen Nürnberg
  3. Influence of Metal Planes on the Parasitic Behaviour of EMC Filter Structures
    Thomas Fischer, Siemens
  4. EMC Issues on Printed Circuit Boards
    Matthias Tröscher, CST

Session 4.3 - LF

  1. Overview of CST EM STUDIO 2011 and future development
    Adrian Scott, CST
  2. Simulation of an induction motor including eddy-current effects in core laminations
    Hai Van Jorks, TEMF
  3. Sensor Simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE
    Frank Weiand, CST

Session 5.1 - Antennas III — Optimization

  1. RFID UHF tag dipole antenna simulation
    Daniel Valderas, Tecnun, University of Navarra
  2. Embedded UHF RFID Transponder into the Layout of a Printed Circuit Board
    Stoyan Iliev, Kathrein
  3. Automatic matching circuit generation in conjunction with CST
    Jussi Rahola, Optenni
  4. Automotive Glass Antenna for Worldwide Cellular Phone Coverage
    Matteo Cerretelli, ASK Industries

Session 5.2 - EMC

  1. A Method For Finding ESD Breakthrough Locations
    Timo Tarvainen, ESJU
  2. Charging towards successful ESD protection design
    Paul Duxbury, CST
  3. Prediction of Aircraft Transient Level (ATL) by Simulation and Comparison to Frequency-Domain Measurements using the Minimum Phase Algorithm
    Stefan Seybold, Cassidian
  4. Aging test of EM gasket materials
    Thomas Merk, Alcatel-Lucent

Session 5.3 - Charged Particle Dynamics

  1. Terhertz Vacuum Electronics Simulation
    Slava Tzanova, Goethe Universität Frankfurt
  2. Studies into the design of a higher efficiency ring-loop travelling wave tube using the CST PIC software
    David Dyson, Chris Gilmour, TMD Technologies
  3. Simulation of High Power Microwaves
    Monika Balk, CST

Session 6.1 - MW&RF

  1. Complex Permittivity Extraction using a Space-Mapping Technique
    Marc Rütschlin, CST
  2. Gyrotropic micrometer optical ring resonators for optical isolators and circulators
    Dirk Jalas, Hamburg University of Technology
  3. Dispersion Engineering: How to Design a Novel Compact LP-Filter with CST
    Martin Lorenz, Spinner
  4. Optimization Techniques in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Vratislav Sokol, CST

Session 6.2 - EMC

  1. 3D EMC/EMI Simulation of Automotive Multimedia Systems
    Ralf Kakerow, Continental
  2. Extraction and Simulation of Cable Shielding Parameters using CST
    Nicolas Mora, EPFL
  3. Enhanced Cable Coupling Capabilities in CST STUDIO SUITE 2011
    Paul Duxbury, CST

Session 6.3 - Particle Accelerators

  1. Impedance simulations of the LHC collimators and low beta simulations of ferrite kicker magnets with CST Particle Studio
    Hugo Day, CERN
  2. Impedance Calculation Overview and New Features
    Felix Wolfheimer, CST
  3. 4 Rod compact SRF Crab cavity for the LHC
    Ben Hall, Lancaster University

Session 7 - Future/Closing

  1. Future Directions in CST Software Development
    Peter Thoma, CST
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