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CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

1 May 2016

User Interface

  • Supports drag’n’drop for many operations
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use schematic view, also supporting drag’n’drop for inserting/manipulating circuit elements

Components / Circuit Models

  • Several analytical components
  • Comprehensive analytical and 2D EM based microstrip and stripline component libraries
  • Active, passive, linear and non-linear circuit elements
  • Support of hierarchical modeling, i.e. separation of a system into logical parts
  • Import of net lists and semiconductor device models in Berkeley SPICE, Cadence® Pspice® or Synopsis® HSPICE®[1] format
  • Support of the IBIS data file format
  • Import of measured or simulated data in the TOUCHSTONE file format
  • Control and use of extensible element library

SAM (System Assembly and Modeling)

  • 3D representations for individual components
  • Automatic project creation by assembling the schematic’s elements into a full 3D representation
  • Manage project variations derived from one common 3D geometry setup
  • Coupled multiphysics simulations by using different combinations of coupled circuit/em/thermal/stress projects
  • Antenna Array Wizard


  • Global parameterization
  • Flexible and powerful hierarchical task concept offering nested sequence/parameter sweep/optimizer setups
  • Parameter sweep task with an arbitrary number of parameters
  • Optimization task for an arbitrary number of parameters and a combination of weighted goals
  • Template-based post-processing for user defined result processing
  • Tuning parameters by moving sliders and immediately updating the results
  • Powerful circuit simulator, offering DC, AC, S-Parameter, Transient and Harmonic Balance simulations
  • Robust and accurate handling of frequency domain data (e.g. S-Parameters) in time domain
  • Mixer and amplifier simulations
  • Input net list file export for HSPICE
  • Result cache for S-Parameters from CST MICROWAVE STUDIO projects
  • Recombination of fields in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO for stimulations calculated in CST DESIGN STUDIO
  • Fast time domain simulation of coupled problems by transient EM/circuit co-simulation with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
  • Automatic solver choice that automatically selects either an analytic or numerical evaluation of microstrip and stripline components depending on the validity of the analytic models
  • Consideration of higher order modes
  • SPICE model extraction


  • Multiple 1D result view support
  • Automatic parametric 1D result storage
  • Displays S-Parameters in xy-plots (linear or logarithmic scale)
  • Displays S-Parameters in Smith charts and polar charts
  • Fast access to parametric data via interactive tuning sliders
  • Measurement functionality inside the views (axis markers, curve markers)
  • Possibility of keeping and comparing results in user-defined result folders
  • Full 3D layout (assembly) viewer

Result Export

  • Export of S-Parameter data as TOUCHSTONE files
  • Export of result data, e.g. 1D plots, as ASCII files


  • Creation and insertion of text boxes and images inside the drawing for documentation purposes
  • Annotations inside the data views


  • Powerful VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) compatible macro language including editor and macro debugger
  • OLE automation for seamless integration into the Windows environment (Microsoft Office®, MATLAB®, AutoCAD®, MathCAD®, Windows Scripting Host, etc.)

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Intel® Xeon® based PC, 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended), DVD drive, at least 30 GB of free hard disc space (60 GB recommended).
  • Fully OpenGL compliant graphic card
  • Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server R2, Windows 8, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 8.1, and Windows 2012 Server R2
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.x und 6.x. and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11.x. Some features may not be available, however.
  • Hardware recommendation depends on your application. If in doubt, please contact your local sales office for further information. For further details, please see our hardware recommendations.
  • Sonnet em is a registered trademark of Sonnet Software, Inc.
  • CableMod and PCBMod are trademarks of SimLab Software GmbH.
  • APLAC is a registered trademark of AWR-APLAC Corp.
  • APLAC® for CST DESIGN STUDIO™ is a subset of APLAC® Simulator, AWR-APLAC Corporations‘ Circuit Simulation and Design Tool, featuring a selection of linear and nonlinear elements and methods geared for EM/circuit co-simulation tasks.
  • CST DESIGN STUDIO is a configurable tool with a choice of solvers and options. Not all listed options are included in the standard license. Not all listed features are available with all solvers. The standard configuration is one full solver process with one solver module and one additional frontend. Floating and node-locked licenses are available. Please contact your local sales office for further information.

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